There are, literally, hundreds of aircraft models to choose from, all with different sizes, range and performance capabilities.† Some have impeccable safety records and others donít.† Some may have what seems to be a very reasonable purchase price yet, unknown to the buyer, it may have extremely high operating costs which will more than offset the low purchase price.† Purchasing an asset of this magnitude requires significant due diligence from a financial perspective as well as from a technical and mechanical perspective.† SCM Associates, Inc. has the experience and resources in both these areas to fully handle the entire acquisition process for you.† Since 1980, we have been successfully locating the perfect aircraft for our clients.† Over the past thirty years, we have learned that many of our clients require custom tailored advice.† Market analysis, value retention and exit strategy considerations are all factors that come into play.† We believe itís imperative to have the tools necessary to determine which aircraft suits your needs and personal preferences or, if applicable, to help you decide† whether you should actually own one at all.† Our goal is to insure that your aviation experience is a positive one and our motivation for that is simple; we want you to come back to us as a satisfied customer when you are ready to upgrade!!† We are here to help however we can.

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